Forty Spotted Classic

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Bottle Size - 700ml | ABV - 40%
Kick back and enjoy this classic straight up or with ice and your favourite soda.

A true testament to the art of curious gin making, our Forty Spotted Classic is our signature release, beckoning old school gin lovers and newbies alike to switch to the Spotted side.

Like a story unfolding, our Classic begins with the unmistakable aroma of native Tasmanian pepperberry that rises upon pour closely followed by a distinctively warm flavour that greets you from the very first sip.

This classic Tasmanian is rich in character thanks to fresh makrut lime leaves, dry lemon peel and delicate notes of select herbs and spices fortified to tantalise and linger, rather than overbear. Creative, complex and well balanced, our Forty Spotted Classic feels right at home, everywhere it goes.

Cocktail Recipe

Forty Spotted Tassie Classic