Forty Spotted Citrus & Pepperberry

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Bottle Size - 700ml | ABV - 40%

Add a little ice and a slice of orange to make it a new favourite to enjoy all year round.

Our island is bursting at the seams with inspiration, so we didn’t have to look far when creating our Citrus and Pepperberry expression.

Right from the first pour, the aromatic elements of Tasmanian citrus and native pepperberry rise up to say ‘G’day’ and offer a hint of what’s to come.

Invigorating notes of tangerine and orange ignite the senses and complement the pepperberry while letting just the right amount of sweetness and zing shine on through. Sip and savour us as the sun goes down, Tassie styles.



A refreshing summer hit that's guaranteed to deliver these holidays.

30ml Citrus and Pepperberry Gin
100ml Tonic
100ml Soda
1 big squeeze of fresh orange

Fill your glass with ice and pour over the ingredients for a summer infusion, that's half the calories to a standard gin and tonic.

Cocktail Recipes

CITRUS MEETS MANDARIN to a spicy blood orange.

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